Softball League

The slow-pitch softball co-ed league is open to both men and women. Eligible participants include all LaRC employees (civil servants/contractors), students, retirees, family members and special guests.

Game & Practice Locations:

There are two softball fields located behind the gymnasium building 1222b, Challenger (Field 1) and Columbia (Field 2). Practice and game schedules are put out by the league scheduler each year indicating teams, dates, times and field locations.

Contact Info:

Bill Chambers

Scott Splinter



2018 AOD Softball Entry Form 2018 AOD Softball Roster Form
2018 BNB Softball Entry Form 2018 BNB Softball Roster Form
2018 BWR Softball Entry Form 2018 BWR Softball Roster Form
2018 DBC Softball Entry Form  2018 DBC Softball Roster Form
2018 HFB Softball Entry Form 2018 HFB Softball Roster Form
2018 STR Softball Entry Form 2018 STR Softball Roster Form
2018 SWG Softball Entry Form 2018 SWG Softball Roster Form


Additional Info:

Entry Form
Official Rules
Waiver Form
2018 SWG Phase 1 Schedule
2018 STR Phase 1 Schedule
2018 HFB Plase 1 Schedule 
2018 DBC Phase 1 Schedule
2018 AOD Phase 1 Schedule
2018 BNB Phase 1 Schedule
2018 BWR Phase 1 Schedule
2018 NASA Softball Phase I Master Schedule