The Skywatchers Club is for people interested in astronomy as a hobby. We have regularly scheduled observing sessions.

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Club Location:

The Skywatchers NASA Observatory is on the left side of the road a short distance after turning right onto Hunsaker Loop at the T-junction at the end of Doolittle Road.

Club Meetings:

The club usually has its regular business meetings at 6:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month at the Poquoson Library, 500 City Hall Avenue. Non-members are welcome to attend.

What to Bring:

The club has several telescopes, most of which are located at the NASA observatory. Most of the club members own and use one or more telescopes and/or binoculars, which they bring to observing sessions.  The club owns an 18-inch aperture telescope, which is used at some of its events.


Membership dues are $20.00 per fiscal year.  An associate membership in the club, which does not require any dues payment, is available to anyone who is a temporary LaRC employee.  Observing sessions are arranged for club members at locations in the Williamsburg area that are away from city lights.

Contact Info:

For more information, please send a message to

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