LaRC Exchange – Vending Services

The Exchange operates a center-wide vending program that provides a variety of beverages and snacks. Profits from the vending operations help to support employee morale events and activities to include: subsidies for employee activities, association clubs, and leagues. Profits also support center-wide social events and organizational unit morale funds for summer picnics, holidays, and office parties (see LPR 9050.1).

For service or refunds for snack vending machines contact:


Outside of Yorktown:

Vending Customer Service Forms

Complete and submit the appropriate online form below and your request will be addressed as soon as possible. If you need immediate attention, please contact Shawn Mora at x4-2389.

Vending Machine Request & Relocation Form:
Use this form to request a COCACOLA® vending machine or a machine relocation.

Vending Machine Refund Form:
Use this form to report money lost in a  COCACOLA® vending machine.

Vending Refills/Repairs Form:
Use this form to report a COCACOLA® vending machine that requires servicing, including refills or special requests.