Exchange Admin Services Office

The Exchange Services Office is your one stop office to request for Exchange facility use, Catering Services, Clubs and League information, Vending Operations, Organizational Unit Morale Funds, and Exchange Shop services. The services office is also responsible for financial accounting and management, administration of payroll and benefits for the various Exchange Branches, and execution of vending contracts. Vending operations funds are used to help support Exchange Activities as well as Morale Welfare funds for organizational morale events and activities.

Exchange Council

Chair: Karen Koch, Office of Human Capital Management (OHCM)
Voting Members: (appointed by the Director)

Damon Sheaffer, Treasurer – Office of Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Harvey, Office of Procurement
Loretta Kelemen, Center Operations Directorate
Grant Watson, Director Safety and Mission Assurance
Ed Glaessgen, AST Structural Mechanics

Jimmy Carson, Office of Chief Financial Officer
Ken Goetzke, Office of Chief Counsel

Exchange Operations

Sally Hall, Exchange Operations Manager
Shawn Mora, Exchange Deputy Operations Manager
Steve Francisco, Food and Beverage Manager
Kimberly Bloom, Child Development Program Director
Junelynn Tran, Retail Business Manager