Loyalty Card

1. What is the NASA Langley Exchange Gift card?
A) The Exchange Customer Gift Card is a loyalty program card designed to give our LaRC Customers at NASA Langley a discount for being loyal members at Exchange activities as specified on the back of the card.

2. Where do can I get discounts on my Exchange Gift Card?
A) A 10% discount applies at the Exchange Store and the Cafeteria when the full amount of purchase is covered with the Customer Gift Card.

3. Where can I purchase my Exchange Gift card?
A) You can purchase the gift card at the Exchange Shop: M-F 10:30 to 1:30 or the Cafeteria: M-F 6am to 11am. A  new gift card may be purchased for $1, and a reload charge of $1 will be applied to all credit card reloads and all cash reloads under $100.

4. Do I need to present my Exchange Gift card prior to the sale?
A) Yes. The cashier will check your balance and if you do not have enough to make a purchase, you can reload the card at that time. At that time you will be able to use it for the 10% discount.

5. Can I swipe my card if I do not have enough for the purchase?
A) Yes; however, a discount will not be applied unless there is enough money on the card to cover the purchase. It is possible for the cashier to look at your balance prior to the transaction to view your balance. At that time you can reload it for the minimum of $20. At that point the discount will be applied to the purchase.

6. If I have less than the purchase amount can I use my loyalty card and get a partial discount?
A) No. There is no partial discount available. You can use your card balance towards the purchase but a discount will not be available. Or you can reload the card at that time for the $20 minimum and get the 10% discount. A reload charge of $1 will be applied to all cash reloads under $100 and all credit card reloads regardless of amount to recoup the service changes, fees and Exchange administrative cost.

7. Where and when can I reload my Exchange Gift Card?
A) Your gift card may be reloaded at the Exchange Store or Cafeteria registers during open business hours.

8. Once I’ve used the card can I give my card to another person to use so they can get the discount?
A) No, the cards and the discount that goes with them are meant for the purchaser of the card and not intended to be shared with other people accompanying them. Each person may purchase their own card to use or one may be gifted to them for them to keep.

9. Can the Exchange track or look my card up and give me a new one if mine is lost?
A) No. The card does not have Personal Information on it, so it is the responsibility of the purchaser to keep it secure. If lost the card can be replaced for a $1 fee and reloaded with new funds, but any funds stored on the original card would be lost.

10. Can I put a name on my card for identification purposes in case it is lost?
A) Yes. As long as the Identification does not interfere or damage the magnetic strip on the back. It is the choice of the card bearer to put a name, phone #, or any other personal information on the card.

11. Can I use my card at the Afterburner Social lounge?
A) Not yet but soon. Currently the card can only be used at the Exchange shop and the Cafeteria at this time, the Social lounge will be included at a later date. *Discount does not apply at the social lounge at any time; however the card balance may be used towards purchase once the social lounge comes online with the new card swipe registers.