The Langley Runners’ Club is set up to promote running for improved fitness at LaRC by holding racing during the year. Membership is open to all NASA Langley employees and on/near site contractors. Family members are welcome to participate in the races if security conditions allow them on Center.


Running major events are NASA Inter-Center races held in April and October. Each NASA Center holds 10-KM and 2-Mile races with the results combined and scored. The scoring is by 5-year age groups and includes participation and place points. Also, the Langley Club conducts races of various distances and formats at other times during the year. The club has a 10-Step Achievement Chard and awards ribbons to the members as they advance to new levels of running.

What to Bring:

Comfortable running shoes


Runners’ Club dues are $5.00 per calendar year.

Contact Info:

Contact Philip Bogert for additional information.

Click Here for the Official Club Website