The LaRC Cafeteria takes pride in serving you!

In order to satisfy your sweet tooth, we offer an assortment of desserts. The cafeteria has even partnered with Scratch Bakery to take our dessert selection out of this world. Scratch Bakery offers a delectable variety of flavors, such as Death by Chocolate, Lemon Pound Cake, and their popular Wedding Cake.


Cake – $1.75
Pie – $1.75
Self-Serve Frozen yogurt – $0.20 per ounce
Scratch Cupcakes – $3.25
Scratch Dessert Bars – $3.25
Scratch Cookies – $2.50

Homemade Desserts:
Apple Pie – $2.25
Chocolate Chip Cannoli – $3.25
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake – $2.75
Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies – $1.75